Xiaomi Will Soon Lauch Mi-Branded Laptops In India

Xiaomi India has teased that it’s soon going to launch its first laptop in India.

While you might have not heard about Xiaomi-made laptops, Xiaomi has been selling laptops under its Mi and Redmi brands in China for a while now. While it’s not clear which laptops we’ll see making their way to India, it seems like we might get a taste of Mi-branded laptops first.

The laptop market in India hasn’t seen as intense a competition as the smartphone market has. The entrance of a competitive player like Xiaomi will probably bolster competition and lead to consumers being able to get their hands on better products at better prices. Although it’s too early to say how much of an impact Xiaomi’s entrance will have on the market, Xiaomi’s confidence does give us a hint that this might be more than a ripple.

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