Zoom for Home to have dedicated display

It’s definitely a season of laurels and big achievements for Zoom. The most popular online video communication company, which has been experiencing exponential growth and rising value of its shares, is all set to introduce an all-in-one video-conferencing appliance that is exclusively dedicated to people working from home.

Having gained eminence during the reigning pandemic as the most sought after software for hosting meetings online, this US based company, however, observed that there were certain challenges that users were still facing when hosting meetings. To address the issues being faced, it plans to launch the brand ‘Zoom for Home’ which will feature a hardware device that already has the video calling software, meant for home offices, loaded in it.

Zoom for Home will basically have all the Zoom software preloaded in a tablet-like device, which will empower users to make phone calls, set-up as well as conduct meetings and discuss projects by sharing relevant content. It can also be integrated with a user’s contacts, calendar, meeting settings as well as status, thereby creating what the company has aptly described as an ‘integrated video-first unified communications experience’. This video calling product will also have a dedicated display.

Currently, the only product launched under this brand is called DTEN-ME since it has been developed in close partnership with the video-conferencing and manufacturer DTEN. This product comes with a 27-inch touchscreen, an arrangement of 8 microphones for greater audio clarity, three wide-angled cameras to host video calls of HD quality and lastly a set of speakers integrated into it. On an initial look you might think that it is a regular PC. But a closer look will help you see the difference. The 27-inch display has a LED panel of aspect ratio 16:9 and offering a full HD resolution of 1080 p. The three cameras give a horizontal view of about 160-degree and covers an area of nearly 16 feet. This means more number of people can be fit into a single screen without compromising on the resolution quality.

The microphones can cover audion up to a range of 16 feet. Other features include noise reduction, echo cancellation, and gain control, all of which happens automatically. Weighing only 14 pounds, DTEN-ME is highly portable in nature. It’s HDMI input allows it to be used as a second screen. This is particularly useful as one does not have to toggle between zoom applications and other applications running in parallel on the system. You can also use it as a regular laptop. The device comes with a stand, with the option of wall mounting. One of the key advantages of this deice is that it will function with all other Zoom licenses.

According to the company, setting up the device is pretty easy keeping the comfort of the user in mind. You just need to take it out from the box, launch the interface by pairing it with either your laptop, mobile or with a specific website. As the entire thing is touchscreen based, a single tap on the relevant action icon, automatically causes the action to run. One unique feature of DTEN-ME is that it uses ultrasound instead of radio signals to pair with surrounding devices.

The cost of this device is expected to center around US$599 and will be initially launched on Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Zoom has already started taking orders for delivery scheduled to start in the coming months.

As the world moves towards working from home and online collaboration becomes the future norm, products like these see a significant rise in demand. Company’s like Zoom therefore can make a headway through such innovations which will redefine the way thr world works in future.

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