Apple to launch new Airpods Studio

World famous Apple always seems to have something up their sleeve that surprises everyone. This time its no different. The company is rumored to be presently designing and developing a new over-the-ear headphone model that is expected to be of a very high-end. Named as AirPods Studio, these headphones are expected to be launched in the market at a starting price of $349.

Now Apple is known to have taken the headphone market with a storm when it had launched its AirPods, a set of wireless earplugs known to come with the latest technologies. But now Apple has gone a step ahead and has started working on a new pair of over-ear headphones called AirPods Studio which is said to be quite premium.

The company has been working on two versions or designs of these headphones. One that is is more focused on fitness and is made using lighter and breathable material that has tiny perforations to allow smooth flow of air. The other is of course a premium version that comes with fabric that’s like leather. The common factor between both these versions is that both will have padding in the headband and have magnetic ear cups. The headbands padding comes in a dark shade and a light shade. You can swap the colors to match with your look. The AirPods Studio headphones are expected to be wireless.

Let’s delve a little into what its expected features will be. The most primary of all features is the Active Noise Cancellation or ANC in short. This will help it cut down all the ambient or background noises thereby enabling the user to focus only on what one is listening to. In case the ANC is same as it is found in the AirPods Pro, then it will also give the user the option to listen to what is happening in the background.

The AirPods Studio is expected to be fitted with sensors that will be able to detect right and left ears and accordingly route the audio channels. The advantage of this feature is that the headphones can be worn in any side and there will be no specific right or left side.

Another very important characteristic of the AirPods Studio is that it will be able to detect whether the headphones are sitting on the head or have they been hung around the next. This is done with the help of the proximity sensors. This will enable the headphone to play the audio only when it detects that the headphones are on the head. The moment the sensors detect that the headphones have been shifted to the neck area, it will automatically stop the audio from playing.

These aside, the headphones might also have equalizer options. The user, however, will need to pair the AirPods Studio either with an iOS device or with a Mac machine in order to unlock the audio equalizer settings. One will be able to adjust the frequency to low, medium, and high frequency as per one’s choice or preference.

Speaking of the pricing part, it is rumored that these headphones will come at a higher price given that Apple intends to give a top-class audio experience to the user of the AirPods Studio. It will probably start at $349/-. With its sleek design, good audio quality and a multitude of advanced features and technologies, the Apple AirPods Studio can be expected to be a huge hit in the market. The only thing that one can do now is to wait and hope that these headphones turn out to be a reality and not just plain rumors.

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