Arlo Pro 3 makes home security smarter

Ensuring security of one’s home is definiitely a ley area of concern, especially for working parents with small children. A good security camera plays a majpor role not only to keep track of what’s happening in the house, but also monitor the outdoors. Addressing this in the most effective manner is the Arlo Pro 3, a well known name in the home security camera space.

The Arlo Pro 3 forms a part of the entire series of weatherproof and wireless smart cameras that have been produced by Arlo, a leading name in home security camera solutions. In fact, the Arlo Pro 3 belongs to the Ultra 4K series and is equipped with all the latest technologies in the camera space. The camera is known to have top quality image clarity. It comes with an image sensor that is of 8 megapixel and measures half-inch which is the key reason behind the stunningly clear images having a resolution of close to 3,840 × 2,160.

Speaking of its various features, this camera offers a complete 180-degree panoramic video. In addition to this, other features that can be found in the Arlo Pro 3 include automatic tracking mechanism, detecting dual motion, advanced object detection and automatic zoom which makes the list of its specifications quite elaborate. The camera offers night vision support and there is a spotlight that comes integrated within the camera. This kind of bumps up the camera vision and eliminates shadows with a bright illumination of 6500K. An additional feature is the siren which will turn on the device detects the entry of an intruder n the house.

Installing the Arlo Pro 5 is no tough at all. The instructions that are provided in the app are quite easy and simple to follow. All you need to do is connect the SmartHub with your router and thereafter pair it with your cameras. The caner has a flat base which allows it to be set up either on a regular shelf in the house or even on a desktop. It also has the option of fixing it on to a wall, ceiling, or even a fence for that matter using the magnetic mount option. Screws and wall anchors are are included along with the camera to allow you to fix the security camera as per your choice of fitting.

The Arlo Pro 5 is quite sleek to look at. It is glossy and white in color and features a curved design. Measuring 89 × 52 × 78 mm and weighing around 331 gm, it is elegant and compact, while at the same time rough and tough to withstand all conditions.

One big advantage of the Arlo Pro 3 security camera is that now it can also also support Apple’s HomeKit smart home platform. With the device, you can now manage all your gadgets like lights, cameras, fans, etc. simply by using the Home app available on the iOS device. To be able to use the Arlo Pro 3 along with the HomeKit, it needs to be connected to a SmartHub base station.

Though the Arlo Pro 3 comes with awesome features, one cannot ignore some of its drawbacks pertaining to its functioning. One key failure is that the local recording will not work on the formatted microSD card used in the Arlo SmartHub. Another point to note is that when the 4k camera is enabled, the 4K Local Streaming is disabled. Also, certain basic functionalities can be accessed only by signing up for a service plan. This is truly frustrating.

From a technology perspective, the Arlo Pro 3 is definitely one of the top-noch security cameras suitable for the smart age homes. It is sleek, versatile, compact and known for its super image quality and wide angle view. Investing in this might be a good idea. But whethere the service subscriptions are worth it, is a decision that a buyer has to make from an individual stand point.

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