LEGO NES Building Kit now for grown-ups

As kids, many or rather most of you must have played the popular video game Super Mario brought by Nintendo. And, not to forget, played with the LEGO bricks. Now that you have become adults, in case you are missing those days, then there is good news for you. LEGO and Nintendo have recently announced the introduction of the LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System or LEGO NES Building kit that allows adults to recreate the Super Mario game and relive their older days.

The partnership between LEGO and Nintendo has already resulted in the emergence of an interactive Super Mario gaming set that will hook on to the attention of young gamers. But the new LEGO NES Building Kit is targeted to the older age group. The new set will basically involve the adult gamer to build a complete NES console entirely using LEGO bricks.

A little complicated in nature, the kit basically allows one to build a gaming console that is mechanically functional. This implies that the controller will be connected via cables and plugs. The kit will have a cartridge slot opens in place and comes with a locking feature. The gaming kit offers a NES model that is built with bricks, has details which are quite realistic, and includes a LEGO television set bearing the design of the 1980’s.

Now the most impressive and fun part of this kit is the retro styled television set. Once can find a 8-bit Mario figure, which is flat and moves on the scrolling screen itself. The screen is controlled with the help of a rolling handle located at the side. This aside, the kit comes along with an action block that can be easily read by LEGO Super Mario gameplay. Therefore, just in case a gamer happens to go for the Super Mario starter pack, he or she can be rest assured that the Mario figure that comes with it can is compatible and can easily react to the hurdles, enemies and power-ups that are displayed on the LEGO TV as it did for the iconic Super Mario game. The LEGO NES Kit comes with as many as 2946 pieces. This implies that you cannot build this in a jiffy and will have to spend a good amount of time to get it through. Also, the box clearly mentions the age group to be 18 years and above. Hence, clearly pointing out to the complexity involved in it.

It can be said that this NES Kit is part of the wide range of inspiring LEGO models that attracts the game artifact collector. The kit seeks to offer an immersive and a challenging experience to the user.
It is an outcome of the growing partnership between Nintendo and the LEGO Group, which has resulted in bringing to life the entire Super Mario universe game play. The LEGO NES Kit is the third release by the companies in the year the first being the Super Mario Starter Course that was introduced in May followed by a Power-up Pack that was released in June. The core idea of all these is to help the users explore their creativity to the full extent possible in building obstacles and challenges that they would like the game to feature.

The LEGO NES Kit is slated to be launched during the 1st week of August. It will available at LEGO stores as well as online on LEGO’s website. The price point is fixed at $ 229.99 and so be ready to dish put some good money from your pocket.

This fun-packed LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System Building Kit is a great product that allows adult to recreate a most-loved gaming console that has been entertaining gamers for more than 30 years. So, go ahead spend a little to bring back the nostalgia and bring back the gaming experience of the 1980’s.

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