Pokemon GO Mega Evolution Super Energized

Pokemon GO has at last come out with major updates and game changing features in Mega Evolution. The new features that are being released by Niantic, basically involves introduction of stronger and more evolved versions of specific pokémon characters. The new features are said to have been take directly from the mainline game which will add to the huge and active fan base that the game already has.

Speaking of Mega Evolution, it is essentially a battle mechanic that was first introduced in Pokemon X and Pokemon Y, the Gen VI versions of the game. This feature was found in Sun and Moon, but was not available in Sword and Shield, both of which had another similar feature known as Dynamax. Now, Mega Evolution is closer to Evolution. As per the new updates, a Pokemon character will become stronger for the remaining part of a battle. In the process, it will also adorn a different look altogether. One needs to note here that only a certain set of Pokemon species can Mega Evolve and that will be possible only with the help of a Mega Stone that is specific to that species. As per the updates, Mega Evolution will be possible for 46 species, of which two have very different Mega forms.

How will this work? Well, a new resource or asset called Mega Energy will be handling the Mega Evolution. This asset has to be earned by fighting with the Mega-Evolved pokémon and by completing the Mega Raids as well as Special Research. The cost for Mega Evolution for a certain specie will be high in the initial stages. But as you progress in the game and a particular Pokemon Mega Evolves, the cost of the subsequent Mega Evolutions of that particular specie will become quite low. Some of the pokémon characters that can Mega Evolve include Blastoise, Venusaur, Beedrill, Alakazam, Slowbro, Gengar, Charizard amongst others. As they evolve, these pokémon become powerful making Pokemon GO Mega Evolution ready for a higher-level play.

Players need to know over here that at any given point in time, they can own only one Mega-Evolved pokémon. This basically points towards the temporary nature of the effect or feature in the series. Players can keep track of all the Pokemon that they have evolved with the help of the pokédex feature. A Pokemon which has already Mega Evolved once will not require the same amount of energy to evolve later in the game as was required at the initial point.

A Pokémon which has Mega Evolved can remain in that state only for a specific time span. The evolved character can be used in Gym Battles, PVP Battles outside the Go Battle League, Team GO Rocket Battles, Raid Battles, as well as a Buddy Pokémon. The moment the time period for which a Pokemon can remain evolved gets over, the player will need to spend additional Mega Energy to Mega Evolve the particular specie further. One good thing about Pokemon GO Mega Evolution that need to be noted here is that whenever a Mega Evolved Pokemon is deployed in Gym Battles or in Raids, the stats of all the other Pokémon who are present in the battle also gets boosted. This aside, it also powers up a Pokemon of the same specie and one which uses a similar kind of attacking style.

Pokemon GO Mega-Evolution will also feature a new set of Raid Battles, called Mega Raids, that will operate against a Mega Evolved Pokémon. At the end of the Mega Raid, the gamer does not capture the Mega Pokémon rather it is awarded Mega Energy. As per the game rules, the quicker you complete a Raid, the more Mega Energy can one collect.

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