Get Filming with the all new Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro 12K

If there is anything that is currently taking the photgraphy and film making world by storm it is the recently launched Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro 12K camera. A fabulous offering by Blackmagic Design, this camera offering 12K videos for both movie makers and cinematographers, stands today as the world’s most advanced and high-end digital film camera.

The camera is the third generation of the URSA Mini Pro model and has a whole new look from the exterior. So, what are some of its key features. Well, to start with, this camera comes with a super 35 sensor having a resolution of 12,288 x 6,480 and a DCI ratio of 17:9, which implies a whooping 80 megapixels resolution in each frame. Important to note that the sensor has 14 stops of dynamic range and an ISO of 800. The sensor makes use of an array inside which one can find red, green and blue photosites in equal numbers. The camera offers a high-quality output and also enables cropping the footage in post-production to generate an output of 4K or 8K. Fascinating, isn’t it?

With the Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro 12K one can shoot at 60 frames per second in 12K, 110 frames per second in 8K right up to 220 frames per second in 4K Super 16. The camera comes with built in ND filters, dual CFast card slots, and dual UHS-II SD card slots, and SuperSpeed USB – C expansion port. Also, DaVinci Resolve Studio is already included within it for editing and visual effects. A helpful feature is that the camera can record in two cards at the same time

The extremely high resolution of the URSA Mini Pro makes it most suitable for shooting with a high amount of detail, a wide range as well as rich color. Needless to mention, all these make it ideal for shooting IMAX as well as feature films. Also, its high definition make it most suitable for working against green screen, CGI and for compositing live action.

The camera’s interchangeable PL mount or lens mount allows the camera person to choose from wide variety of lenses,like Nikon F or Cannon EF lenses, for capturing that perfect shot. Shooting using the URSA Mini Pro 12K’s is similar to shooting with multiple cameras. It is ideal for square and vertical videos. All thanks to its high-end sensors, one can work with any resolution when editing without having the requirement to render and without affecting the sensor’s color accuracy.

The camera has a wireless bluetooth enabled camera control, which allows one to control the camera functions from a maximum distance of 30 feet. The Blackmagic Camera Control app needs to be downloaded to be able to control the camera. Apart from this, its viewfinder offer a OLED display with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 p. It imparts an accurate focus thanks to the built-in digital focus, a precision glass optics and adjustable diopter. The URSA Mini Pro includes a power connector that is a 4-pin XLR which works with 12V to 18V external power supplies.

Now a quick look at its design. Weighing nearly 5.1 lbs, the camera is quite compact and is portable. The camera body is made from magnesium alloy. All the switches and buttons are arranged as per a certain logic which makes it convenient for any use to locate them. Relevant details pertaining to a shoot can be viewed on the LCD status display, while the fold out touchscreen measuring nearly 4 inches allows the user to review the shots taken or even access the menu settings. The Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro 12K comes with a shoulder mount kit, which enables quick switching from a tripod to handheld mode.

Priced at approxomately $ 9,995, the Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro 12K is a rave in the market and something to surely look pout for. Delivering high quality picture output, it is the ideal choice when it comes to production of feature films.

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