Panasonic Lumix S5 – Its smalller and better

For all you camera enthusiasts out there, it’s time to go and grab the very new Panasonic Lumix S5. Featured as the lightest and the most compact camera, this versatile camera does come with a full frame sensor which is 24.2-megapixel and has been designed such that it can be used for recording videos and also for clicking photographs.

The Lumix S5, which is the most recent model forming part of the Lumix S series introduced in 2018, is the 4th model in this series. It can be referred to as a hybrid version of a mirrorless full-frame camera. Possessing quite a lightweight body, the camera is said to perform pretty well, delivering a high quality output. This sure makes it one of the most preferred toys for both professional videographers and photographers.

Coming to the specifics, the S5 has an ISO ranging to 51,200 when clicking photographs. In addition, it comes with two native ISOs of 640 and 4,000 that helps in reducing the noise for the entire range. One good feature of the camera is its image stabilization which is quite suitable for 5 levels of speed.

If using the camera to record a video, one must know that the camera has the capacity to capture footage that is either 4K/60fps at 4:2:0 10-bit or 4K/30fps at 4:2:2 10-bit. Both HDR and V-Log or V-Gamut options are available during the recording.According to the company, the camera’s 14-plus stops of dynamic range are almost similar to any camera that is meant exclusively for shooting movies. Lumix S5 features as many buttons as one probably would have found in the earlier model S1. The advantage of this is that there is greater degree of control and direct access. However, the most striking feature is that the top LCD display has been removed and replaced with mode dial.

The S5 has a new battery which is 2,200 mAh, but can last for 470 photos, which is quite a decent number. If you happen to use the power saver mode, then the battery will last for nearly 1500 photographs. This os of course higher tha what the S1 offers. The camera’s electronic viewfinder has a lower-resolution with only 2.36 million pixels. This can be said to be a bit low in relation to the EVF of the S1.

You will find Panasonic’s own technology Depth from Defocus of DFD in the Lumix S5. This technology which enables auto-focus, allows the camera to ascertain the direction to move the camera lens so as to achieve focus. This works perfectly well when taking still photographs. In fact, the S5 can easily identify faces, hands and body. Due to updated algorithms, the camera can better recognize the subject. Its head detection capacity is also more reliable now.

One thing that users should take note of is that if one zooms when trying to focus in auto-focus mode, achieving the focus will take time. So, it is advised, that one sets the zoom before setting the focus. Aslo, don’t use the auto-focus feature in burst mode. The quality of the image of the camera can be said to be rather good. Its Live View Composite feature allows merging the highlights in frames with a long-exposure and creates light trails.

If you speak of video, then the Lumix S5 is quite reliable. One can use the camera in any environmental condition without fearing it to shut down. Though the camera does not have an in-built fan to cool it down, you can be assured that it does not heat up much. It has two card slots and an USB port for charging. Hence, one need not fear the Lumix S5 to shut down. The quality of the video is decent and suits the present day requirements.

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