Sony ZV-1 vlogging camera

All of us are aware vlogging. It is no longer a frivolous pass time, but has emerged as a serious genre of video. While for many it has become a major hobby, for others it is a regular job and in some cases, it has even ranged into a fully functional media house. No wonder, camera manufacturers, like Sony, have started designing cameras that specifically cater to vlogging. And the Sony ZV-1 is the biggest example of that.

The Sony ZV-1 vlogging camera is the newest kid in the block which seeks to bridge the gap between what a smartphone can do and and what can be achieved with one of those high-end mirrorless cameras. Truly a savior for people who are making a major mark in the video content sphere.

Speaking of this camera, it is quite light weighted and is small in size making it convenient for one to carry it around in a pocket probably. The ZV-1 has a body that is made out plastic. But be cautious. It is not weatherproof and, hence, not to be used in heavy rain or storms. The camera comes with a built-in microphone, a screen that can be flipped around, stabilization feature and an auto-focus functionality that ensure that the face and eyes are always in focus and sharp. One can also find a recording lamp in the front which lights up during the time of active recording.

In a nutshell, one may say that the ZV-1 takes majority of its features from the RX100. The hardware has, however, been slightly modified so as to make it more suitable for vlogging. While the sensors have been taken from the RX100 VII, the ND filter and lens have been taken from the RX100 V camera model. This, therefore, gives the advantage of both the smart auto-focus and a good lens that has a superior background blurring feature.

Speaking of the lens, it is 24-70mm and offers greater sharpness. The electronic stabilization feature ensures that vlogging is not jerky. But it crops the video by nearly 25%. Hence, it would have been better if the lens gave a more wider view. The camera’s touch display is average and the camera does not have a port for plugging in headphones. The touch display can be used to set the focus tracking point. However, it cannot be used to control the main menu. One has to reach out to the control wheel at the back to change the controls. This can be quite cumbersome.

A good thing about the ZV-1 is that it can store gyroscopic data. This basically means that after the recording is done, one can use the data and smoothen out the footage by using Sony’s Catalyst Browse app. The results are quite good though do expect a certain level of cropping to occur.

One of the key features of the ZV-1 is the ‘product showcase’ functionality. This allows the camera to automatically focus on the object that would have been placed in front of it. This is very helpful as the user does not have tap on the lens screen to bring the object into focus. The background defocus feature is quite good. One feature worth mentioning is the soft skin effect. It uses AI technology to cover up blemishes or other any other marks on the skin. But one should exercise a bit of care when using it too much as it might make face look artificial.

The Sony ZV-1 vlogging camera comes in a kit with a shooting grip and a 64GB SD card. This can be converted into a small tripod with the help of the retractable legs. All said and done, the Sony ZV-1 vlogging camera is a great gadget for first time vloggers as it is easy to use and has a powerful performance.

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