Chrome Makes Work-From-Home Easy

Here’s some good news for all those who have been working from home ever since the pandemic struck. Recently Google announced its decision to update the Chrome web browser with a series of features that will increase the productivity of the users and, in turn, ensure that the experience of browsing is faster. To be very specific, the key updates that will be introduced by the company will center around making the use of Chrome’s tabs quick and easy. In fact, the company has mentioned in a subtle manner that loading of pages will now become 10% faster.

The new updates that will be available soon are extremely suitable for those who use Chrome extensively and have to open several tabs at any given point in time for their work or otherwise. As per the updates that are going to be rolled out, Chrome will enable its users to club the tabs into groups and collapse or expand these tab groups based on which group one needs to access. This new feature is Google’s answer to the request raised by users.

It is very easy to create a Tab Group. One simply needs to right click on a particular tab and select the “Add Tab to Group” option. Once done, the user needs to then go for the ‘New Group’ option. This will allow the user to either create new categories, add tabs to an already existing category, or even choose a color to mark it. What’s more. For any specific category, it will also be possible for the user to collapse the tabs under it. This will help in clearing space and make the work area less cluttered.

In addition to this, the company has designed a touchscreen interface for tabs especially meant for laptops that will be used like a tablet. This feature will be made available initially to Chromebooks. The advantage of the feature is that it will allow the user to easily flip through the tabs like flipping the pages of a book. The tabs in the Chromebooks will be larger and more organized.

Aside the features mentioned above, one of the most striking features or tools to look out for is that Chrome will now allow the filling up of and saving PDF files in the browser directly. The availability of this feature, however, will take time. In fact, the new feature will enable the user to start editing the draft PDF right from the point where the user had closed the file in an earlier session.

Speaking of the new features, for those using the Android version of Google Chrome, when a page title is being typed in the address bar, they will be provided with the suggestion to move to the tab in case it is already open in the browser. At present, according to the company, this feature is already present in the Laptop version. Moreover, Android users will have better URL sharing experience, wherein they will be able to quickly copy the link and access it on the Chrome browser on other devices. One will also be able to share the copied links using various apps. In fact, the user now will also be able to print the visited page or generate a QR code with which the page can either be downloaded or scanned. This definitely an interesting feature which will be made available to the desktop version of Chrome. To access the QR code feature, one needs to click on the QR icon that can be found in the browser’s address bar.

To be able to make use of these new tools, one has to update the Chrome browser. The availability of these tools, however, might take a while to be completely available. Hence, one will probably need to be a little patient.

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