Chrome to confirm credit card details using biometric

In today’s age of online shopping and transactions, the need for entering your credit card details each time becomes quite cumbersome sometimes. Google Chrome’s autofill feature, however, helps to solve this by instantly filling the various fields on the log-in and payments page. And this time it has gone a step further to get these details authenticated using the biometric system.

Google always strives at making life easier and simpler for its users. The Chrome browser was recently updated so as to ensure that saved passwords and credit card details are automatically filled in a far more safe, secure and easy manner. In any case, the present times does warrant the use of a credentials manager. Therefore, Chrome’s autofill feature on Android has been upgraded with a biometric system when entering credit card information. In addition to this, it has introduced the new ‘touch-to-fill’ accounts list feature.

Earlier, when entering credit card details, users had to fill in the CVV number as a step for ensuring security. Google, however, decided to make this easier by enabling the use of one’s fingerprints for this confirmation, or even face recognition as it is found in Pixel 4. Though for the first time, one will have to enter the CVV number, in the subsequent transactions this will not be required. The biometric authentication will be just sufficient. To enable using this functionality, there is of course a set up process that one needs to follow via ‘Settings’. It is also here where the user can chose to either opt for the biometric authentication or disable the option. The WebAuthn biometric authentication standard is used by the Chrome browser to enroll the user in a secured manner. Rest assured, the biometric details of the user does not leave the device. This feature is already available in Windows and Mac, and will soon be deployed for mobile phones.

Another interesting development is a more simplified process of entering one’s user name, password and the log-in process. A feature to look out for is the ‘touch-to-fill’. When you land on a previously visited site, a dialogue box will appear at the bottom confirming whether you wish to fill in the details. Basically, under this, the details of all the saved accounts for a particular website can be viewed in a sheet labelled ‘Continue with account’. It gives a list of all the domains and the email addresses that are associated with it. As a result, one can sign in without scrolling through the list that pops up when clicking on a form field in the particular website.

The usage of the features offered by Chrome to fill in passwords and other details does have advantages. For instance, many websites demand complex passwords and remembering each of these for multiple websites every time one logs in can be quite difficult. With this feature, commemorating the passwords to memory can be avoided. This aside, as per Google, there is no possibility of tricking the software to feed in this information into fake or phishing websites.
The question that remains to be asked is whether one is comfortable allowing Google to manage one’s log-in and credit card details. But I guess that is more of a personal choice. But whatever be the case, this surely looks like a advantageous feature that can make life a whole lot convenient and easy. The company is still working on these and it is said that they will be rolled out to the masses within few weeks. Google Chrome is one of the most popular desktop browsers used by people worldwide ever since it was launched in 2008.

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