Facebook Is Reportedly Working On WhatsApp-Messenger Integration

Ever since Facebook acquired WhatsApp, there have been rumors of Facebook integrating it with Facebook Messenger or indulging in some cross-application play. Now, according to a report by WABetaInfo, Facebook is finally working on integrating WhatsApp with Facebook Messenger.

Developer A Paluzzi found references to WhatsApp in Facebook Messenger. The references point towards the creation of tables in a local database on Facebook Messenger. The code also suggests that Facebook Messenger could know which WhatsApp contacts are blocked and have access to information such as phone numbers of contacts, message counter, profile pictures, and the members of a specific WhatsApp group.

Although, at this rudimentary stage, it’s too early to say how Facebook will plan to integrate WhatsApp into Facebook Messenger as both services run quite differently at the moment. In fact, it’s apparently so complicated that the report also mentions that Facebook might even drop the plans to integrate both the services.

Currently, Facebook Messenger has support for multiple devices at once which means users can not just receive but send devices from multiple devices simultaneously. Messages exchanged on Facebook Messenger are stored on servers which make them accessible across multiple devices.

WhatsApp, on the other hand, only supports login from a single device at the moment and the messages are stored on the device itself.

Source: in.Mashable.com

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