Genki Covert Dock is smart and expensive

Sometime last year, the product developer Genki raised quite a storm when they announced the launch of their new product the Genki Covert Dock that was small enough to fit into a palm. Unlike the earlier bulky power adaptors, this switch dock is more user friendly and portable, making it suitable for people on the move.

What seemingly looks like any other ordinary charger, the Covert Dock is an amazing piece of technology that is power-packed, encapsulating within its tiny body the power of a USB-C dock. The device has a USB-A 3.1 port, a USB-C PD 3.0 port as well as a two-pronged foldable plug of 120V and a HDMI port on its either side. The gadget meets all the switching standards of Nintendo. Because it strictly adheres to the safety standards set by Nintendo, it disseminates the fear of the damage caused by third-party docks which has damaged swicthes due to lack of compatability. The product has been manufatcured by using Gallium Nitride (GaN) and not standard silicon so as to ensure higher power efficiency and better operations even though it is small size.

The product supports a video output that is not more than 1080 p and the charging watts allowed is 30W. Since it is essentially meant for travel purposes and not as the main dock that can be used in your home, the low resolution that it offers is justified. It is very easy to use. All one has to do is connect the TV cable and bingo, one is ready. The USB-A port of the Genki Covert Dock operates normally like any other regular dock. It can be used to charge a device, connect to an ethernet port, a gaming headset which is wired, wi-fi headsets, or even a Bluetooth adapter. The dock is compatible with all those devices which has a USB-C port as is found in many laptops and mobile phones.

Though quite handy, one of the key flaws of the device is its small size. Usually, USB-C docks are supposed to be close to the device in use. But in this case, the Genki Covert Dock is placed near the power source or outlet. So, in other words, one would require extra long cables as all the cables, like the HDMI cable, will essentially come from the power outlet itself. Another disadvantage of this new device is its price which is pegged at nearly $74.99. Now the one offered by Nintendo is $89.99, but comes with power adaptors as well as HDMI cables. But in case of the Genki Covert Dock, that is not the case. So, definitely it turns out to be more expensive. However, its ability to play the dual role as a laptop dock does offer some justification for its price.

Another aspect to note is that there is no LED light which could indicate that everything is properly plugged and that the power is on. Though not a major hurdle, but it seems to be a desirable feature and gives some sort of assurance that the dock has been properly plugged in and is operating.

The question that we need to anwer is that whether it is worthy to go for this smart device. Come to think of it, many would agree that though it is highly priced, it is easy to handle and use. The plug and use option is absolutely convenient. What may cause a concern is that it lies exposed and within reach of children. But one needs to be cautious. At the end it can be said that the Genki Covert Dock is an extremely useful and handly product, and something that is worth possessing. The quality is good, the performance is of high standard and definitely it is safe to use.

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