Instagram introduces Reels

With TikTok getting banned across the world, Instagram has launched its very own new video-music remix feature called Reels. This new feature allows eager users to create short videos, add interesting filters as well as music tracks and share with everyone. Available for both Android and iOS phones, Reels has been implemented in many countries across the world including India.

Reels is the latest innovation by Instagram that has been introduced in a bid to capture the huge audience base who spend a lot of time on this popular app. The key objective is to reaffirm its position as a major video entertainment platform. With Reels, you can record a 15 seconds video and add trending and popular music tracks, as well as fancy filters to make it attractive. This feature comes with both public and private viewing option. Hence, as a creator of a video, you can choose to either make the video available to a wider audience or restrict the viewership to only your selected group of friends or followers.

Reels is not a separate app by itself. It is a feature that resides within Instagram. It is a fine example of Instagram’s constant efforts to provide technology that is simple and easy to handle. It provides a vast collection of music tracks that it has acquired as a result of a partnership with major music brands. In order to make use of Reels, you need to select the Reels option from Instagram Camera. Once selected, you can start recording your short video. You can select the effects, speed, timer and the music you want from the app’s music library. Once the recording is done, select the audience you wish to share and post it. One advantage of Reels is that the video can be posted in the Explore section, enabling everyone to watch your creation.

If you want to make your video get that extra edge, you can make use of the multiple AR effects that are available. To avail this option, simply click on camera, go to ‘effects’ and then choose ‘AR effects’. Now like TikTok, Reels also has a ‘Use Audio’ option. This enables other users to use your original sound track to record their own Reels. With the help of Reels, you can create as many 15-seconds video as you want each complete with its own effects and track. If required, one can review, delete and re-record a video. Speaking of its features, Reels does not have the option of recording duets yet. Also, you will not be able to upload a song directly into the app. You can only do a live recording and upload that at present.

The testing for Reels was first done in Brazil last year. Made available as a feature instead of a stand-alone app, with greater flexibility, is what will help it to capture the billion users that Instagram has. Earlier, Reels was an extension of the Stories feature. But having realized that people wanted the videos to stay and not vanish after 24 hours, it made it as a feature in its camera. This was in line with the users desire to reach out to a wider section of the crowd.

At present, the monetization option is not available in Reels. It has been designed as an entertainment platform since Instagram wishes to make a clear mark in that area. If it is able to garner the same amount of creative ingenuity and spontaneity as TikTok had done, then it will surely be able to reach much higher ground than just being a platform for making videos go viral.

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