LG introduces Battery Powered Mask

The wearing of masks have become a part of our life, given the COVID pandemic, for the safety of everyone around us. Having become an essential part of our attire, companies started innovating different types of masks. Bring a whole new dimension to these is LG. The company has launched a portable air purifier that can be easily worn as a face mask. Known as the PuriCare Wearable Air Purifier, this mask will filter the air inhaled by the wearer without interfering much with the breathing patterns. It is important to note here that the mask only seeks to protect the user from getting infected or infecting others, and does not slow down the spread of Corona Virus.

The mask has been designed ergonomically after extensively analyzing different face shapes. This will ensure that the mask fits perfectly on the user’s face and there is minimal leakage of air near the chin and nose areas. In fact, the design is such that one can wear it comfortably for hours together. This addresses the concerns that people have pertaining to the comfort associated with the wearing of the mask.

Speaking of its technical specifications, the PuriCare Wearable mask comes with dual H13 HEPA filters. These are replaceable filters that can be found in the entire range of LG’s home air purifiers. Coupled with the filters are battery-powered fans that help the wearer to breathe comfortably. In addition, the gadget comes with sensors that can detect the user’s breathing patter and accordingly adjust the speed of the fans. The are three different levels to which the speed of the fan can be adjusted. At the time of inhaling, the speed increases to let more air in, while at the time of exhaling, the fans slow down so as to avoid any resistance.

The fans used in these new type of masks are completely motorized. They are powered by 820mAh battery that allows them to run for eight hours at a stretch. Of course, a lot depends on the mode of usage. If used in low-power mode, it will operate for eight hours. But if used in high-power mode, then the battery will work for a maximum of two hours. A charging case is provided along with the PuriCare Wearable mask. The case has a UV light inside it that kills any germs which may have remained on the mask. Besides this, the case has the capacity to notify the user when it is time to replace the filters inside the mask. This notification is sent via the LG ThinQ smartphone app.

Though the introduction of this new mask seems like a response to the requirement of the current pandemic, the company did not explicitly mention the same during its launch. As per statements made by LG, these battery-powered air purifier mask are a good replacement for the homemade masks which are both ineffective and not as per health standards. In addition, they are a good alternative to the disposable masks which are often found to be short in supply.

The introduction of the PuriCare Wearable Air Purifier mask by LG looks like a boon for the medical staff and healthcare workers, as its unique technology will allow them to wear the mask for long hours. It is said that LG intends to display this mask at the virtual exhibition of IFA 2020. The exact dates for the release of these masks in the market, however, is still not confirmed. However, the company feels that it will be available by during the fourth quarter of the year. The company is also yet to disclose the price at which these masks will be sold.

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